Raspberry Pi



I’ve been using a RaspberryPi for sometime now as a XBMC client on my home network to play movies and music in my workshop. I was running Rasbmc from www.stmlabs.com  which also has a linux distribution for the original appletv (i have a few of these running as well)

In the need to simplify listening to music I found this project for a headless pandora streamer I found this project Pandora Streamer So far I’ve got it up and running, with exception to the buttons which I still need to trouble shoot some more. Was using first old raspberry pi when the GPIO headers changed to the 512mb version (this was causing my issues with button input). Now its time to build a case. Got a temporary case rigged up. case wasn’t wide enough for the buttons and the display so i had to move a button down (menu button)

Works good just waiting on a usb sound card for better sound quality as the raspberry pi doesn’t have an d/a converter for audio

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